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The RhoA guanine nucleotide exchange factor Net1 is required for PyMT mediated mammary gland tumorigenesis and metastasis

ABSTRACT: The Net1 RhoGEF has been implicated in invasive behavior in vitro, but its impact on tumorigenesis and metastasis in vivo has not yet been established. We developed Net1 knockout mice and profiled the transcriptomes of the resulting tumors to assess impact on pathway activation. Overall design: Expression profiles of breast tumors from MMTV-PyMT mice with Net1+/+ and Net1-/- genotypes.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina MouseWG-6 v2.0 expression beadchip

SUBMITTER: Jeffrey Chang  

PROVIDER: GSE99643 | GEO | 2018-05-23


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Contributions of the RhoA guanine nucleotide exchange factor Net1 to polyoma middle T antigen-mediated mammary gland tumorigenesis and metastasis.

Zuo Yan Y   Ulu Arzu A   Chang Jeffrey T JT   Frost Jeffrey A JA  

Breast cancer research : BCR 20180516 1

BACKGROUND:The RhoA activating protein Net1 contributes to breast cancer cell proliferation, motility, and invasion in vitro, yet little is known about its roles in mammary gland tumorigenesis and metastasis. METHODS:Net1 knockout (KO) mice were bred to mice with mammary gland specific expression of the polyoma middle T antigen (PyMT) oncogene. Mammary gland tumorigenesis and lung metastasis were monitored. Individual tumors were assessed for proliferation, apoptosis, angiogenesis, RhoA activati  ...[more]

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