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TIG-3 quantification of metabolic enzymes set11

ABSTRACT: The expression levels of metabolic enzymes were estimated by MRM analysis with internal standard recombinant proteins. The analysis is performed in human diploid fibroblasts, TIG-3 cells and their derived cell lines (TS, TSM, and TSR). TIG-3 TS is immortalized cells by expressing hTERT and SV40 largeT and smallT antigens (SV40 ER). TIG3 TSM and TSR cells were transformed lines by cMyc or H-RAS(G12V) in TERT/SV40 expressing TIG-3, respectively.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Masaki Matsumoto 

PROVIDER: PXD004839 | JPOST Repository | Sat Dec 03 00:00:00 GMT 2016


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Targeted proteomics approaches are of value for deep and accurate quantification of protein abundance. Extending such methods to quantify large numbers of proteins requires the construction of predefined targeted assays. We developed a targeted proteomics platform-in vitro proteome-assisted multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) for protein absolute quantification (iMPAQT)-by using >18,000 human recombinant proteins, thus enabling protein absolute quantification on a genome-wide scale. Our platform  ...[more]

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