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The endosomal sorting adaptor HDPTP is required for ephrinB EphB signalling in cell collapse and motor axon guidance. Sci Rep, 2019

ABSTRACT: Spectral count files from EphB2 BioID experiment found in "The endosomal sorting adaptor HD-PTP is required for ephrin-B:EphB signalling in motor axon guidance.". The parameters and protocol are described in detail in the methods section. In brief, we over expressed BirA* C-terminal tagged EphB2 in HEK 293 cells. We stimulated these cells with either media (no ligand), Fc or ephrin-B2-Fc in order to capture the protein landscape of ephrin-B2:EphB2 forward signalling. BirA*-Flag-EGFP controls are VL_20150825_COT_05_AK.raw, VL_20150825_COT_06_AK.raw, VL_20150825_COT_07_AK.raw, VL_20150825_COT_08_AK.raw Empty Vector controls are VL_20151116_COT_01_HEK293_pcDNA5EV_AK.raw, VL_20151116_COT_02_HEK293_pcDNA5EV_AK.raw, VL_20151116_COT_03_HEK293_pcDNA5EV_AK.raw, VL_20151116_COT_04_HEK293_pcDNA5EV_AK.raw EphB2_Fc-BirA*-Flag samples are VL_20160623_COT_01_AK.raw, VL_20160718_COT_01_AK.raw, VL_20161116_COT_05_AK.raw, VL_20161116_COT_06_2_AK.raw EphB2_NoLigand-BirA*-Flag samples are VL_20160630_COT_01_AK.raw, VL_20160630_COT_02_AK.raw, VL_20161116_COT_03_AK.raw, VL_20161116_COT_04_AK.raw EphB2_EB2-BirA*-Flag samples are VL_20160623_COT_02_AK.raw, VL_20160718_COT_02_AK.raw, VL_20161118_COT_01_AK.raw, VL_20161118_COT_02_AK.raw

INSTRUMENT(S): LTQ Orbitrap Velos

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Artur Kania  

PROVIDER: MSV000083410 | MassIVE | Wed Feb 06 10:55:00 GMT 2019


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