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Proof of Honey Adulteration by the Detection of Foreign Amylases and Quality Assessment of Honey

ABSTRACT: Two datasets from the nanoLC-MS/MS analysis are included. The first dataset was 38 honey samples that were analyzed in a single series in one replicate (this dataset is denoted 38; raw data are denoted 351-*). The second dataset was 7 honeys that were all prepared and analyzed in 3 replicates (this dataset is denoted 7x3; raw data are denoted 417-*). All the honeys in our dataset are denoted as we originally denoted them after addition to our collection. The honey samples include authentic honeys from verified sources and honeys from markets in Czechia or foreign countries, some of which were declared as single-origin honeys. Compressed (zipped) combined_txt folders of database searches in MaxQuant are included. In addition, used databases (*.fasta) are provided.

INSTRUMENT(S): Orbitrap Fusion

SUBMITTER: Tomas Erban  

PROVIDER: MSV000085697 | MassIVE | Tue Jul 07 13:29:00 BST 2020


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