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Nontargeted and targeted metabolomics measurements of abiotic stress responses in three-week-old Arabidopsis thaliana plants' rosette leaf tissue

ABSTRACT: Nontargeted and targeted metabolomics measurements of abiotic stress responses in three-week-old Arabidopsis thaliana plants' rosette leaf tissue for Col-0 wild type plants and double/triple knockout mutants of aquaporins (pip2;1 pip2;2 and pip2;1 pip2;2 pip2;4) treated with drought, heat at different air humidities, or combined drought-heat stress at different air humidities. This experiment contains FT-ICR-MS measurements for 103 Arabidopsis thaliana rosette leaf samples covering three genotypes under six different environmental conditions. The three genotypes comprise the Col-0 wildtype and two loss-of-function mutants of aquaporins, a pip2;1 pip2;2 double mutant and a pip2;1 pip2;2 pip2;4 triple mutant (respective AGI locus identifiers: AT3G53420, AT2G37170, AT5G60660). The six conditions include control condition (well-watered, 22 °C, 70% relative air humidity), drought stress (one week without watering), heat stress without changing the absolute humidity of the ambient air (6 hours at 33 °C, 37% relative air humidity), heat stress with supplemented air humidity to maintain a constant vapor pressure deficit before and during the heat episode (6 hours at 33 °C, 84% relative air humidity), and the combinations of drought pretreatment with each of the two heat stress variants (one week of drought followed by 6 hours of heat stress). Samples from all conditions were harvested at the same time (within 15 min starting at 5 pm). For validation, GC-TOF-MS measurements were done for two genotypes (wildtype, double mutant) and two conditions (drought, control) on partially overlapping samples.

INSTRUMENT(S): Solarix FT-ICRMS (Bruker Daltonics), Pegasus HT GC-TOFMS (Leco)

SUBMITTER: Elisabeth Georgii  

PROVIDER: MTBLS355 | MetaboLights | 2017-07-17


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Relationships between drought, heat and air humidity responses revealed by transcriptome-metabolome co-analysis.

Georgii Elisabeth E   Jin Ming M   Zhao Jin J   Kanawati Basem B   Schmitt-Kopplin Philippe P   Albert Andreas A   Winkler J Barbro JB   Schäffner Anton R AR  

BMC plant biology 20170710 1

<h4>Background</h4>Elevated temperature and reduced water availability are frequently linked abiotic stresses that may provoke distinct as well as interacting molecular responses. Based on non-targeted metabolomic and transcriptomic measurements from Arabidopsis rosettes, this study aims at a systematic elucidation of relevant components in different drought and heat scenarios as well as relationships between molecular players of stress response.<h4>Results</h4>In combined drought-heat stress, t  ...[more]

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