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Callitris intratropica strain:Darwin

ABSTRACT: Callitris intratropica Transcriptome project

ORGANISM(S): Callitris intratropica  



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Isolation and characterization of 52 polymorphic EST-SSR markers for Callitris columellaris (Cupressaceae).

Sakaguchi Shota S   Uchiyama Kentaro K   Ueno Saneyoshi S   Ujino-Ihara Tokuko T   Tsumura Yoshihiko Y   Prior Lynda D LD   Bowman David M J S DM   Crisp Michael D MD   Isagi Yuji Y  

American journal of botany 20111120 12

PREMISE OF THE STUDY: We developed simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers from expressed sequence tags (ESTs) for Callitris columellaris sensu lato (s.l.) to elucidate population genetic structure and detect outlier loci by genome scan. METHODS AND RESULTS: mRNA from an individual seedling was subjected to cDNA synthesis and then de novo pyrosequencing. Two hundred and nineteen primer pairs bordering sequence regions were designed from the obtained sequence data. In total, 52 showed polymorphism w  ...[more]

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