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Leuconostoc carnosum KCTC 3525

ABSTRACT: Leuconostoc carnosum KCTC 3525 genome sequencing project

ORGANISM(S): Leuconostoc carnosum KCTC 3525  



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Genome sequence of Leuconostoc carnosum KCTC 3525.

Nam Seong-Hyeuk SH   Kim Aeri A   Choi Sang-Haeng SH   Kang Aram A   Kim Dong-Wook DW   Kim Ryong Nam RN   Kim Dae-Soo DS   Park Hong-Seog HS  

Journal of bacteriology 20111101 21

We announce the draft genome sequence of the type strain Leuconostoc carnosum KCTC 3525 (3,234,408 bp with a G+C content of 40.9%), one of the most prevalent lactic acid bacteria present during the manufacturing process of vacuum-packaged meats, which consists of 2,407 large contigs (>500 bp in size). The genome sequence was obtained by a whole-genome shotgun strategy using Roche 454 GS (FLX Titanium) pyrosequencing, and all of the reads were assembled using Newbler Assembler 2.3. ...[more]

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