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Nocardia terpenica NBRC 100888

ABSTRACT: Nocardia terpenica NBRC 100888 genome sequencing project

ORGANISM(S): Nocardia terpenica NBRC 100888  



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Nocardia terpenica sp. nov., isolated from Japanese patients with nocardiosis.

Hoshino Yasutaka Y   Watanabe Kayo K   Iida Soji S   Suzuki Shin-Ichi SI   Kudo Takuji T   Kogure Takahisa T   Yazawa Katsukiyo K   Ishikawa Jun J   Kroppenstedt Reiner M RM   Mikami Yuzuru Y  

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 20070701 Pt 7

Two bacterial strains isolated from different hospitals in Japan were subjected to a polyphasic analysis. Strains IFM 0406 and IFM 0706(T), producers of novel terpenoid antibiotics, were found to have morphological, biochemical, physiological and chemotaxonomic properties consistent with their classification in the genus Nocardia, except for the presence of MK-8(H(4)) as one of the predominant menaquinones in addition to the major menaquinone MK-8(H(4 omega-cyc)). The 16S rRNA gene sequence simi  ...[more]

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