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Paraburkholderia caledonica NBRC 102488

ABSTRACT: Burkholderia caledonica NBRC 102488 genome sequencing project

ORGANISM(S): Paraburkholderia caledonica NBRC 102488  



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Burkholderia fungorum sp. nov. and Burkholderia caledonica sp. nov., two new species isolated from the environment, animals and human clinical samples.

Coenye T T   Laevens S S   Willems A A   Ohlén M M   Hannant W W   Govan J R JR   Gillis M M   Falsen E E   Vandamme P P  

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 20010501 Pt 3

A polyphasic taxonomic study that included DNA-DNA hybridizations, DNA base ratio determinations, 16S rDNA sequence analyses, whole-cell protein and fatty acid analyses and an extensive biochemical characterization was performed on 16 strains isolated from the environment, animals and human clinical samples. The isolates belonged to the genus Burkholderia, were phylogenetically closely related to Burkholderia graminis, Burkholderia caribensis and Burkholderia phenazinium and had G+C contents bet  ...[more]

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