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Cryptococcus sp. JCM 24511

ABSTRACT: NBRP: Genome sequencing of Cryptococcus sp. JCM 24511

ORGANISM(S): Cryptococcus sp. JCM 24511  



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Selection of oleaginous yeasts with high lipid productivity for practical biodiesel production.

Tanimura Ayumi A   Takashima Masako M   Sugita Takashi T   Endoh Rikiya R   Kikukawa Minako M   Yamaguchi Shino S   Sakuradani Eiji E   Ogawa Jun J   Shima Jun J  

Bioresource technology 20131208

The lipid-accumulating ability of 500 yeast strains isolated in Japan was evaluated. Primary screening revealed that 31 strains were identified as potential lipid producers, from which 12 strains were cultivated in a medium containing 3% glucose. It was found that JCM 24511 accumulated the highest lipid content, up to 61.53%, while JCM 24512 grew the fastest. They were tentatively identified as Cryptococcus sp. and Cryptococcus musci, respectively. The maximum lipid concentration of 1.49g/L was  ...[more]

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