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Human gut metagenome

ABSTRACT: Fecal microbiota of Japanese healthy adults

ORGANISM(S): human gut metagenome  



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Comprehensive analysis of the fecal microbiota of healthy Japanese adults reveals a new bacterial lineage associated with a phenotype characterized by a high frequency of bowel movements and a lean body type.

Oki Kaihei K   Toyama Mutsumi M   Banno Taihei T   Chonan Osamu O   Benno Yoshimi Y   Watanabe Koichi K  

BMC microbiology 20161128 1

In Japan, a variety of traditional dietary habits and daily routines have developed in many regions. The effects of these behaviors, and the regional differences in the composition of the gut microbiota, are yet to be sufficiently studied. To characterize the Japanese gut microbiota and identify the factors shaping its composition, we conducted 16S metagenomics analysis of fecal samples collected from healthy Japanese adults residing in various regions of Japan. Each participant also completed a  ...[more]

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