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Anguilla japonica strain:F2 generation

ABSTRACT: Japanese eel genome sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Anguilla japonica  



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Rhodopsin gene copies in Japanese eel originated in a teleost-specific genome duplication.

Nakamura Yoji Y   Yasuike Motoshige M   Mekuchi Miyuki M   Iwasaki Yuki Y   Ojima Nobuhiko N   Fujiwara Atushi A   Chow Seinen S   Saitoh Kenji K  

Zoological letters 20171017

Gene duplication is considered important to increasing the genetic diversity in animals. In fish, visual pigment genes are often independently duplicated, and the evolutionary significance of such duplications has long been of interest. Eels have two rhodopsin genes (rho), one of which (freshwater type, fw-rho) functions in freshwater and the other (deep-sea type, ds-rho) in marine environments. Hence, switching of rho expression in retinal cells is tightly linked with eels' unique life cycle, i  ...[more]

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