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ABSTRACT: Whole genome sequencing of Gnetum gnemon (Gnetum) to construct a draft genome assembly.



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The Norway spruce genome sequence and conifer genome evolution.

Nystedt Björn B   Street Nathaniel R NR   Wetterbom Anna A   Zuccolo Andrea A   Lin Yao-Cheng YC   Scofield Douglas G DG   Vezzi Francesco F   Delhomme Nicolas N   Giacomello Stefania S   Alexeyenko Andrey A   Vicedomini Riccardo R   Sahlin Kristoffer K   Sherwood Ellen E   Elfstrand Malin M   Gramzow Lydia L   Holmberg Kristina K   Hällman Jimmie J   Keech Olivier O   Klasson Lisa L   Koriabine Maxim M   Kucukoglu Melis M   Käller Max M   Luthman Johannes J   Lysholm Fredrik F   Niittylä Totte T   Olson Ake A   Rilakovic Nemanja N   Ritland Carol C   Rosselló Josep A JA   Sena Juliana J   Svensson Thomas T   Talavera-López Carlos C   Theißen Günter G   Tuominen Hannele H   Vanneste Kevin K   Wu Zhi-Qiang ZQ   Zhang Bo B   Zerbe Philipp P   Arvestad Lars L   Bhalerao Rishikesh R   Bohlmann Joerg J   Bousquet Jean J   Garcia Gil Rosario R   Hvidsten Torgeir R TR   de Jong Pieter P   MacKay John J   Morgante Michele M   Ritland Kermit K   Sundberg Björn B   Thompson Stacey Lee SL   Van de Peer Yves Y   Andersson Björn B   Nilsson Ove O   Ingvarsson Pär K PK   Lundeberg Joakim J   Jansson Stefan S  

Nature 20130522 7451

Conifers have dominated forests for more than 200 million years and are of huge ecological and economic importance. Here we present the draft assembly of the 20-gigabase genome of Norway spruce (Picea abies), the first available for any gymnosperm. The number of well-supported genes (28,354) is similar to the >100 times smaller genome of Arabidopsis thaliana, and there is no evidence of a recent whole-genome duplication in the gymnosperm lineage. Instead, the large genome size seems to result fr  ...[more]

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