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ABSTRACT: Clostridium jeddamassiliensis

ORGANISM(S): Clostridium jeddahense  



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Non contiguous-finished genome sequence and description of Clostridium jeddahense sp. nov.

Lagier Jean-Christophe JC   Bibi Fehmida F   Ramasamy Dhamodharan D   Azhar Esam I EI   Robert Catherine C   Yasir Muhammad M   Jiman-Fatani Asif A AA   Alshali Khalid Z KZ   Fournier Pierre-Edouard PE   Raoult Didier D  

Standards in genomic sciences 20140501 3

Clostridium jeddahense strain JCD(T) (= CSUR P693 = DSM 27834) is the type strain of C. jeddahense sp. nov. This strain, whose genome is described here, was isolated from the fecal flora of an obese 24 year-old Saudian male (BMI=52 kg/m(2)). Clostridium jeddahense strain JCD(T) is an obligate Gram-positive bacillus. Here we describe the features of this organism, together with the complete genome sequence and annotation. The 3,613,503 bp long genome (1 chromosome, no plasmid) exhibits a G+C cont  ...[more]

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