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Comprehensive evaluation and optimization of amplicon library preparation methods for high-throughput antibody sequencing.

Menzel Ulrike U   Greiff Victor V   Khan Tarik A TA   Haessler Ulrike U   Hellmann Ina I   Friedensohn Simon S   Cook Skylar C SC   Pogson Mark M   Reddy Sai T ST  

PloS one 20140508 5

High-throughput sequencing (HTS) of antibody repertoire libraries has become a powerful tool in the field of systems immunology. However, numerous sources of bias in HTS workflows may affect the obtained antibody repertoire data. A crucial step in antibody library preparation is the addition of short platform-specific nucleotide adapter sequences. As of yet, the impact of the method of adapter addition on experimental library preparation and the resulting antibody repertoire HTS datasets has not  ...[more]

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