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Bacterial community profiling of carbonated sweet whey

ABSTRACT: Bacterial community profiling of carbonated sweet whey by pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA gene amplicons



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Inhibition of bacterial growth in sweet cheese whey by carbon dioxide as determined by culture-independent community profiling.

Lo Raquel R   Xue Tian T   Weeks Mike M   Turner Mark S MS   Bansal Nidhi N  

International journal of food microbiology 20151008

Whey is a valuable co-product from cheese making that serves as a raw material for a wide range of products. Its rich nutritional content lends itself to rapid spoilage, thus it typically needs to be pasteurised and refrigerated promptly. Despite the extensive literature on milk spoilage bacteria, little is known about the spoilage bacteria of whey. The utility of carbon dioxide (CO2) to extend the shelf-life of raw milk and cottage cheese has been well established, but its application in whey p  ...[more]

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