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Vibrio cholerae

ABSTRACT: Growth in minimal media with maltose

ORGANISM(S): Vibrio cholerae  



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Evidence supporting predicted metabolic pathways for Vibrio cholerae: gene expression data and clinical tests.

Shi Jing J   Romero Pedro R PR   Schoolnik Gary K GK   Spormann Alfred M AM   Karp Peter D PD  

Nucleic Acids Research 20060508 8

Vibrio cholerae, the etiological agent of the diarrheal illness cholera, can kill an infected adult in 24 h. V.cholerae lives as an autochthonous microbe in estuaries, rivers and coastal waters. A better understanding of its metabolic pathways will assist the development of more effective treatments and will provide a deeper understanding of how this bacterium persists in natural aquatic habitats. Using the completed V.cholerae genome sequence and PathoLogic software, we created VchoCyc, a pathw  ...[more]

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