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Phodopus sungorus

ABSTRACT: Photoperiod regulates genes encoding melanocortin 3 and serotonin receptors, and secretogranins expressed in the dmpARC of the Siberian hamster

ORGANISM(S): Phodopus sungorus  



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Photoperiod regulates genes encoding melanocortin 3 and serotonin receptors and secretogranins in the dorsomedial posterior arcuate of the Siberian hamster.

Nilaweera K N KN   Archer Z A ZA   Campbell G G   Mayer C-D CD   Balik A A   Ross A W AW   Mercer J G JG   Ebling F J P FJ   Morgan P J PJ   Barrett P P  

Journal of neuroendocrinology 20090201 2

The mechanism(s) involved in the regulation of the seasonal-appropriate body weight of the Siberian hamster are currently unknown. We have identified photoperiodically regulated genes including VGF in a sub-region of the arcuate nucleus termed the dorsomedial posterior arcuate (dmpARC). Gene expression changes in this nucleus so far account for a significant number of those reported as photoperiodically regulated and are therefore likely to contribute to seasonal physiological responses of the h  ...[more]

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