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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: A Novel Androgen Receptor Splice Variant Is Upregulated during Prostate Cancer Progression

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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A novel androgen receptor splice variant is up-regulated during prostate cancer progression and promotes androgen depletion-resistant growth.

Guo Zhiyong Z   Yang Xi X   Sun Feng F   Jiang Richeng R   Linn Douglas E DE   Chen Hege H   Chen Hegang H   Kong Xiangtian X   Melamed Jonathan J   Tepper Clifford G CG   Kung Hsing-Jien HJ   Brodie Angela M H AM   Edwards Joanne J   Qiu Yun Y  

Cancer research 20090224 6

The androgen receptor (AR) plays a key role in progression to incurable androgen ablation-resistant prostate cancer (PCA). We have identified three novel AR splice variants lacking the ligand-binding domain (designated as AR3, AR4, and AR5) in hormone-insensitive PCA cells. AR3, one of the major splice variants expressed in human prostate tissues, is constitutively active, and its transcriptional activity is not regulated by androgens or antiandrogens. Immunohistochemistry analysis on tissue mic  ...[more]

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