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Syntrichia ruralis

ABSTRACT: Expression Profiling to Identify Novel Desiccation Response Transcripts from Tortula ruralis gametophytes

ORGANISM(S): Syntrichia ruralis  



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A combined subtractive suppression hybridization and expression profiling strategy to identify novel desiccation response transcripts from Tortula ruralis gametophytes.

Oliver Melvin J MJ   Hudgeons Jeremy J   Dowd Scot E SE   Payton Paxton R PR  

Physiologia plantarum 20090425 4

Vegetative desiccation tolerance of the bryophyte Tortula ruralis is characterized by two components: constitutive cellular protection and an inducible cellular recovery program activated upon rehydration. The inducible cellular recovery program is characterized by the increased translation of a number of proteins, termed rehydrins. Rehydins are postulated to be important in cellular repair and thus central to the mechanism of desiccation tolerance. However, as of yet, their identities are large  ...[more]

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