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Drosophila melanogaster

ABSTRACT: The foraging gene in Drosophila mediates metabolic as well as behavioral plasticity

ORGANISM(S): Drosophila melanogaster  



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The Drosophila foraging gene mediates adult plasticity and gene-environment interactions in behaviour, metabolites, and gene expression in response to food deprivation.

Kent Clement F CF   Daskalchuk Tim T   Cook Lisa L   Sokolowski Marla B MB   Greenspan Ralph J RJ  

PLoS genetics 20090821 8

Nutrition is known to interact with genotype in human metabolic syndromes, obesity, and diabetes, and also in Drosophila metabolism. Plasticity in metabolic responses, such as changes in body fat or blood sugar in response to changes in dietary alterations, may also be affected by genotype. Here we show that variants of the foraging (for) gene in Drosophila melanogaster affect the response to food deprivation in a large suite of adult phenotypes by measuring gene by environment interactions (GEI  ...[more]

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