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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Expression data from pulmonary metastases of clear-cell renal cell carcinoma

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Gene signatures of pulmonary metastases of renal cell carcinoma reflect the disease-free interval and the number of metastases per patient.

Wuttig Daniela D   Baier Barbara B   Fuessel Susanne S   Meinhardt Matthias M   Herr Alexander A   Hoefling Christian C   Toma Marieta M   Grimm Marc-Oliver MO   Meye Axel A   Rolle Axel A   Wirth Manfred P MP  

International journal of cancer 20090701 2

Our understanding of metastatic spread is limited and molecular mechanisms causing particular characteristics of metastasis are largely unknown. Herein, transcriptome-wide expression profiles of a unique cohort of 20 laser-resected pulmonary metastases (Mets) of 18 patients with clear-cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC) were analyzed to identify expression patterns associated with two important prognostic factors in RCC: the disease-free interval (DFI) after nephrectomy and the number of Mets per pa  ...[more]

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