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Sus scrofa

ABSTRACT: Differential gene expression during porcine conceptus trophoblastic elongation and attachment to the uterine epithelium

ORGANISM(S): Sus scrofa  



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Identification of differential gene expression during porcine conceptus rapid trophoblastic elongation and attachment to uterine luminal epithelium.

Ross Jason W JW   Ashworth Morgan D MD   Stein Daniel R DR   Couture Oliver P OP   Tuggle Christopher K CK   Geisert Rodney D RD  

Physiological genomics 20081125 3

Early embryonic development in the pig is characterized by a rapid elongation of the conceptus trophectoderm on days 11-12 of gestation. Initially, the conceptus trophoblast is morphologically rearranged from a 10-mm sphere into a tubular shape, transitioning into a thin filamentous form >150 mm in length in 2-3 h, followed by continued expansion within the uterine lumen for several days. Conceptus elongation is critical for establishing adequate placental surface area needed for embryo and feta  ...[more]

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