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Rattus norvegicus

ABSTRACT: Dietary soy effects on early rat mammary gland development

ORGANISM(S): Rattus norvegicus  



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Early soy exposure via maternal diet regulates rat mammary epithelial differentiation by paracrine signaling from stromal adipocytes.

Su Ying Y   Shankar Kartik K   Simmen Rosalia C M RC  

The Journal of nutrition 20090325 5

Diet-mediated changes in transcriptional programs that promote the early differentiation of the mammary gland may lead to reduced breast cancer risk. The disparity in adult breast cancer incidence between Asian women and Western counterparts is attributed partly to high soy food intake. Here, we conducted genome-wide profiling of mammary tissues of weanling rats exposed to soy protein isolate (SPI) or control casein (CAS) via maternal diet to evaluate the contribution of early exposure on mammar  ...[more]

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