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Caenorhabditis elegans

ABSTRACT: DCC binding and function (ChIP-chip: DPY-27)

ORGANISM(S): Caenorhabditis elegans  



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A condensin-like dosage compensation complex acts at a distance to control expression throughout the genome.

Jans Judith J   Gladden John M JM   Ralston Edward J EJ   Pickle Catherine S CS   Michel Agnès H AH   Pferdehirt Rebecca R RR   Eisen Michael B MB   Meyer Barbara J BJ  

Genes & development 20090301 5

In many species, a dosage compensation complex (DCC) is targeted to X chromosomes of one sex to equalize levels of X-gene products between males (1X) and females (2X). Here we identify cis-acting regulatory elements that target the Caenorhabditis elegans X chromosome for repression by the DCC. The DCC binds to discrete, dispersed sites on X of two types. rex sites (recruitment elements on X) recruit the DCC in an autonomous, DNA sequence-dependent manner using a 12-base-pair (bp) consensus motif  ...[more]

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