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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Sex-Dependent Programming of Glucose and Fatty Acid Metabolism in Mouse Offspring by Maternal Protein Restriction

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Sex-dependent programming of glucose and fatty acid metabolism in mouse offspring by maternal protein restriction.

van Straten Esther M E EM   Bloks Vincent W VW   van Dijk Theo H TH   Baller Julius F W JF   Huijkman Nicolette C A NC   Kuipers Irma I   Verkade Henkjan J HJ   Plösch Torsten T  

Gender medicine 20120222 3

BACKGROUND: Nutritional conditions during fetal life influence the risk of the development of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases in adult life (metabolic programming). Impaired glucose tolerance and dysregulated fatty acid metabolism are hallmarks of metabolic syndrome. OBJECTIVE: We aimed to establish a mouse model of metabolic programming focusing on the sex-specific effects of a maternal low-protein diet during gestation on glucose and lipid metabolism in the adult offspring. METH  ...[more]

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