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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: FOXP3-mediated inhibition of the global gene regulator SATB1 is required for maintaining regulatory T cell commitment

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Repression of the genome organizer SATB1 in regulatory T cells is required for suppressive function and inhibition of effector differentiation.

Beyer Marc M   Thabet Yasser Y   Müller Roman-Ulrich RU   Sadlon Timothy T   Classen Sabine S   Lahl Katharina K   Basu Samik S   Zhou Xuyu X   Bailey-Bucktrout Samantha L SL   Krebs Wolfgang W   Schönfeld Eva A EA   Böttcher Jan J   Golovina Tatiana T   Mayer Christian T CT   Hofmann Andrea A   Sommer Daniel D   Debey-Pascher Svenja S   Endl Elmar E   Limmer Andreas A   Hippen Keli L KL   Blazar Bruce R BR   Balderas Robert R   Quast Thomas T   Waha Andreas A   Mayer Günter G   Famulok Michael M   Knolle Percy A PA   Wickenhauser Claudia C   Kolanus Waldemar W   Schermer Bernhard B   Bluestone Jeffrey A JA   Barry Simon C SC   Sparwasser Tim T   Riley James L JL   Schultze Joachim L JL  

Nature immunology 20110814 9

Regulatory T cells (T(reg) cells) are essential for self-tolerance and immune homeostasis. Lack of effector T cell (T(eff) cell) function and gain of suppressive activity by T(reg) cells are dependent on the transcriptional program induced by Foxp3. Here we report that repression of SATB1, a genome organizer that regulates chromatin structure and gene expression, was crucial for the phenotype and function of T(reg) cells. Foxp3, acting as a transcriptional repressor, directly suppressed the SATB  ...[more]

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