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Oryza sativa

ABSTRACT: Gene expression in mature pollen and sperm cells versus young seedling as a vegetative sporophyte reference control

ORGANISM(S): Oryza sativa  



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A genome-wide survey of imprinted genes in rice seeds reveals imprinting primarily occurs in the endosperm.

Luo Ming M   Taylor Jennifer M JM   Spriggs Andrew A   Zhang Hongyu H   Wu Xianjun X   Russell Scott S   Singh Mohan M   Koltunow Anna A  

PLoS genetics 20110623 6

Genomic imprinting causes the expression of an allele depending on its parental origin. In plants, most imprinted genes have been identified in Arabidopsis endosperm, a transient structure consumed by the embryo during seed formation. We identified imprinted genes in rice seed where both the endosperm and embryo are present at seed maturity. RNA was extracted from embryos and endosperm of seeds obtained from reciprocal crosses between two subspecies Nipponbare (Japonica rice) and 93-11 (Indica r  ...[more]

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