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ABSTRACT: Genopal: a novel platform for focused microarray analysis



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Genopal™: a novel hollow fibre array for focused microarray analysis.

Okuzaki Daisuke D   Fukushima Tatsunobu T   Tougan Takahiro T   Ishii Tomonori T   Kobayashi Shigeto S   Yoshizaki Kazuyuki K   Akita Takashi T   Nojima Hiroshi H  

DNA research : an international journal for rapid publication of reports on genes and genomes 20101108 6

Expression profiling of target genes in patient blood is a powerful tool for RNA diagnosis. Here, we describe Genopal™, a novel platform ideal for efficient focused microarray analysis. Genopal™, which consists of gel-filled fibres, is advantageous for high-quality mass production via large-scale slicing of the Genopal™ block. We prepared two arrays, infectant and autoimmunity, that provided highly reliable data in terms of repetitive scanning of the same and/or distinct microarrays. Moreover, w  ...[more]

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