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Gallus gallus

ABSTRACT: Gene expression profile analysis of Fat and Lean chickens

ORGANISM(S): Gallus gallus  



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Identification of differentially expressed genes in chickens differing in muscle glycogen content and meat quality.

Sibut Vonick V   Hennequet-Antier Christelle C   Le Bihan-Duval Elisabeth E   Marthey Sylvain S   Duclos Michel J MJ   Berri Cécile C  

BMC genomics 20110216

BACKGROUND: The processing ability of poultry meat is highly related to its ultimate pH, the latter being mainly determined by the amount of glycogen in the muscle at death. The genetic determinism of glycogen and related meat quality traits has been established in the chicken but the molecular mechanisms involved in variations in these traits remain to be fully described. In this study, Chicken Genome Arrays (20 K) were used to compare muscle gene expression profiles of chickens from Fat (F) an  ...[more]

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