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Rattus norvegicus

ABSTRACT: Microarray analysis of rat hepatic gene expression identifies new genes associated with postprandial triglyceridemia

ORGANISM(S): Rattus norvegicus  



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Postprandial transcriptome associated with virgin olive oil intake in rat liver.

Martinez-Beamonte Roberto R   Navarro Maria A MA   Guillen Natalia N   Acin Sergio S   Arnal Carmen C   Guzman Mario A MA   Osada Jesus J  

Frontiers in bioscience (Elite edition) 20110101

Liver has been proposed as a gatekeeper that regulates postprandial lipemia and a potential target for regulation by acute intake of virgin olive oil. To characterize the hepatic gene expression response to a fat gavage, male rats were fed a bolus of 5 ml of extra-virgin olive oil and the hepatic mRNA expression analyzed 4 hours later using DNA microarrays. To provide an initial screening of candidate genes, only twenty one with remarkably modified expression between both conditions (signal log2  ...[more]

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