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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: MicroRNAs expression profiling of human nucleus pulposus cells: control vs. degeneration

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Deregulated miR-155 promotes Fas-mediated apoptosis in human intervertebral disc degeneration by targeting FADD and caspase-3.

Wang Hai-Qiang HQ   Yu Xiao-Dong XD   Liu Zhi-Heng ZH   Cheng Xin X   Samartzis Dino D   Jia Lin-Tao LT   Wu Sheng-Xi SX   Huang Jing J   Chen Jing J   Luo Zhuo-Jing ZJ  

The Journal of pathology 20110627 2

The role of apoptosis in the pathogenesis of intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD) remains enigmatic. Accumulating evidence has shown that the apoptotic machinery is regulated by miRNAs. We hypothesized that miRNAs might contribute to apoptosis in IDD. We have found that 29 miRNAs were differentially expressed and miR-155 was down-regulated in degenerative nucleus pulposus (NP). The deregulation of miR-155 was further verified using real-time PCR (0.56 fold, p < 0.05). Bioinformatics target pre  ...[more]

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