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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Expression analysis on Mll1+/+ and Mll1-/- MEFs

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Global analysis of H3K4 methylation defines MLL family member targets and points to a role for MLL1-mediated H3K4 methylation in the regulation of transcriptional initiation by RNA polymerase II.

Wang Pengfei P   Lin Chengqi C   Smith Edwin R ER   Guo Hong H   Sanderson Brian W BW   Wu Min M   Gogol Madelaine M   Alexander Tara T   Seidel Christopher C   Wiedemann Leanne M LM   Ge Kai K   Krumlauf Robb R   Shilatifard Ali A  

Molecular and cellular biology 20090824 22

A common landmark of activated genes is the presence of trimethylation on lysine 4 of histone H3 (H3K4) at promoter regions. Set1/COMPASS was the founding member and is the only H3K4 methylase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae; however, in mammals, at least six H3K4 methylases, Set1A and Set1B and MLL1 to MLL4, are found in COMPASS-like complexes capable of methylating H3K4. To gain further insight into the different roles and functional targets for the H3K4 methylases, we have undertaken a genome-wid  ...[more]

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