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Ovis aries

ABSTRACT: Sheep longissimus dorsi (LD) muscle from 40 individual progeny belonging to six Poll Dorset industry sires

ORGANISM(S): Ovis aries  



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An Always Correlated gene expression landscape for ovine skeletal muscle, lessons learnt from comparison with an "equivalent" bovine landscape.

Sun Wei W   Hudson Nicholas J NJ   Reverter Antonio A   Waardenberg Ashley J AJ   Tellam Ross L RL   Vuocolo Tony T   Byrne Keren K   Dalrymple Brian P BP  

BMC research notes 20121113

<h4>Background</h4>We have recently described a method for the construction of an informative gene expression correlation landscape for a single tissue, longissimus muscle (LM) of cattle, using a small number (less than a hundred) of diverse samples. Does this approach facilitate interspecies comparison of networks?<h4>Findings</h4>Using gene expression datasets from LM samples from a single postnatal time point for high and low muscling sheep, and from a developmental time course (prenatal to p  ...[more]

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