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Caulobacter vibrioides

ABSTRACT: Comparing the transcriptional profiles of a Caulobacter crescentus CB15N (NA1000) wild-type to a SpoT null in carbon starvation.

ORGANISM(S): Caulobacter vibrioides  



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The complex logic of stringent response regulation in Caulobacter crescentus: starvation signalling in an oligotrophic environment.

Boutte Cara C CC   Crosson Sean S  

Molecular microbiology 20110316 3

Bacteria rapidly adapt to nutritional changes via the stringent response, which entails starvation-induced synthesis of the small molecule, ppGpp, by RelA/SpoT homologue (Rsh) enzymes. Binding of ppGpp to RNA polymerase modulates the transcription of hundreds of genes and remodels the physiology of the cell. Studies of the stringent response have primarily focused on copiotrophic bacteria such as Escherichia coli; little is known about how stringent signalling is regulated in species that live i  ...[more]

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