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Ustilago maydis

ABSTRACT: Effect of clp1 induction on rbf1-dependent gene regulation

ORGANISM(S): Ustilago maydis  



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The Ustilago maydis Clp1 protein orchestrates pheromone and b-dependent signaling pathways to coordinate the cell cycle and pathogenic development.

Heimel Kai K   Scherer Mario M   Schuler David D   Kämper Jörg J  

The Plant cell 20100820 8

Regulation of the cell cycle and morphogenetic switching during pathogenic and sexual development in Ustilago maydis is orchestrated by a concerted action of the a and b mating-type loci. Activation of either mating-type locus triggers the G2 cell cycle arrest that is a prerequisite for the formation of the infectious dikaryon; this cell cycle arrest is released only after penetration of the host plant. Here, we show that bW, one of the two homeodomain transcription factors encoded by the b mati  ...[more]

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