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ABSTRACT: Transcription profile of T. thermophilus HB8 strain lacking mutS, mutL, or mutS2 gene



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Inactivation of the DNA repair genes mutS, mutL or the anti-recombination gene mutS2 leads to activation of vitamin B1 biosynthesis genes.

Fukui Kenji K   Wakamatsu Taisuke T   Agari Yoshihiro Y   Masui Ryoji R   Kuramitsu Seiki S  

PloS one 20110428 4

Oxidative stress generates harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS) that attack biomolecules including DNA. In living cells, there are several mechanisms for detoxifying ROS and repairing oxidatively-damaged DNA. In this study, transcriptomic analyses clarified that disruption of DNA repair genes mutS and mutL, or the anti-recombination gene mutS2, in Thermus thermophilus HB8, induces the biosynthesis pathway for vitamin B(1), which can serve as an ROS scavenger. In addition, disruption of mutS, mu  ...[more]

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