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Methanogenium frigidum Ace-2

ABSTRACT: This marine archaeon was collected from Vestfold Hills, Antarctica at a depth of 24 meters.

ORGANISM(S): Methanogenium frigidum Ace-2  



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Methanogenium frigidum sp. nov., a psychrophilic, H2-using methanogen from Ace Lake, Antarctica.

Franzmann P D PD   Liu Y Y   Balkwill D L DL   Aldrich H C HC   Conway de Macario E E   Boone D R DR  

International journal of systematic bacteriology 19971001 4

Methanogenium frigidum sp. nov. was isolated from the perennially cold, anoxic hypolimnion of Ace Lake in the Vesfold Hills of Antarctica. The cells were psychrophilic, exhibiting most rapid growth at 15 degrees C and no growth at temperatures above 18 to 20 degrees C. The cells were irregular, nonmotile coccoids (diameter, 1.2 to 2.5 microns) that occurred singly and grew by CO2 reduction by using H2 as a reductant. Formate could replace H2, but growth was slower. Acetate, methanol, and trimeth  ...[more]

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