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ABSTRACT: Specific MicroRNAs Are Preferentially Expressed by Skin Stem Cells To Balance Self-Renewal and Early Lineage Commitment



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Specific microRNAs are preferentially expressed by skin stem cells to balance self-renewal and early lineage commitment.

Zhang Liang L   Stokes Nicole N   Polak Lisa L   Fuchs Elaine E  

Cell stem cell 20110301 3

Increasing evidence suggests that microRNAs may play important roles in regulating self-renewal and differentiation in mammalian stem cells (SCs). Here, we explore this issue in skin. We first characterize microRNA expression profiles of skin SCs versus their committed proliferative progenies and identify a microRNA subset associating with "stemness." Of these, miR-125b is dramatically downregulated in early SC progeny. We engineer an inducible mice system and show that when miR-125b is sustaine  ...[more]

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