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ABSTRACT: Whole-genome study reveals distinct mechanisms used by p53 to regulate activated and repressed genes in embryonic stem cells



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Distinct regulatory mechanisms and functions for p53-activated and p53-repressed DNA damage response genes in embryonic stem cells.

Li Mangmang M   He Yunlong Y   Dubois Wendy W   Wu Xiaolin X   Shi Jianxin J   Huang Jing J  

Molecular cell 20120301 1

p53 is critical in regulating the differentiation of ES and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Here, we report a whole-genome study of p53-mediated DNA damage signaling in mouse ES cells. Systems analyses reveal that binding of p53 at the promoter region significantly correlates with gene activation but not with repression. Unexpectedly, we identify a regulatory mode for p53-mediated repression through interfering with distal enhancer activity. Importantly, many ES cell-enriched core transcri  ...[more]

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