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Danio rerio

ABSTRACT: Zebrafish embryos exposed to the model hedgehog pathway inhibitor cyclopamine, as well as to the potential hedghog pathway disrupters SANT-2 and GANT-61.

ORGANISM(S): Danio rerio  



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Transcriptional responses of zebrafish embryos exposed to potential sonic hedgehog pathway interfering compounds deviate from expression profiles of cyclopamine.

Büttner Anita A   Busch Wibke W   Klüver Nils N   Giannis Athanassios A   Scholz Stefan S  

Reproductive toxicology (Elmsford, N.Y.) 20120112 2

The molecular responses of two small molecules, SANT-2 and GANT-61, potentially interfering with the sonic hedgehog pathway (Shh) have been studied in zebrafish embryos by microarray analysis. For both compounds and the positive reference cyclopamine previous reporter gene assays for the transcription factor Gli1 have indicated an inhibition of the hedgehog signaling pathway. In zebrafish embryos a typical phenotype (cyclopia) associated with Shh interference was only observed for cyclopamine. F  ...[more]

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