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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Prospective comparison of genome-wide aCGH platforms for the detection of CNVs in MR (Mapping250K_Nsp and Mapping250K_Sty)

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Comparison of genome-wide array genomic hybridization platforms for the detection of copy number variants in idiopathic mental retardation.

Tucker Tracy T   Montpetit Alexandre A   Chai David D   Chan Susanna S   Chénier Sébastien S   Coe Bradley P BP   Delaney Allen A   Eydoux Patrice P   Lam Wan L WL   Langlois Sylvie S   Lemyre Emmanuelle E   Marra Marco M   Qian Hong H   Rouleau Guy A GA   Vincent David D   Michaud Jacques L JL   Friedman Jan M JM  

BMC medical genomics 20110325

Clinical laboratories are adopting array genomic hybridization as a standard clinical test. A number of whole genome array genomic hybridization platforms are available, but little is known about their comparative performance in a clinical context.We studied 30 children with idiopathic MR and both unaffected parents of each child using Affymetrix 500 K GeneChip SNP arrays, Agilent Human Genome 244 K oligonucleotide arrays and NimbleGen 385 K Whole-Genome oligonucleotide arrays. We also determine  ...[more]

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