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Triticum aestivum

ABSTRACT: Transcriptome profiling of reproductive stage flag leaves of wheat from drought susceptible parent WL711, drought tolerant parent C306 and drought susceptible and drought tolerant RIL bulks in irrigated and drought condition

ORGANISM(S): Triticum aestivum  



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Genomic associations for drought tolerance on the short arm of wheat chromosome 4B.

Kadam Suhas S   Singh Kalpana K   Shukla Sanyukta S   Goel Sonia S   Vikram Prashant P   Pawar Vasantrao V   Gaikwad Kishor K   Khanna-Chopra Renu R   Singh Nagendra N  

Functional & integrative genomics 20120405 3

Drought is a major constraint to maintaining yield stability of wheat in rain fed and limited irrigation agro-ecosystems. Genetic improvement for drought tolerance in wheat has been difficult due to quantitative nature of the trait involving multiple genes with variable effects and lack of effective selection strategies employing molecular markers. Here, a framework molecular linkage map was constructed using 173 DNA markers randomly distributed over the 21 wheat chromosomes. Grain yield and oth  ...[more]

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