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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: A Distinct Reactive Oxygen Species Profile confers Chemoresistance in Glioma-Propagating Cells and Associates with Patient Survival Outcome

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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A distinct reactive oxygen species profile confers chemoresistance in glioma-propagating cells and associates with patient survival outcome.

Koh Lynnette Wei-Hsien LW   Koh Geraldene Rong-Hui GR   Ng Felicia Soo-Lee FS   Toh Tan Boon TB   Sandanaraj Edwin E   Chong Yuk Kien YK   Phong Mark M   Tucker-Kellogg Greg G   Kon Oi Lian OL   Ng Wai Hoe WH   Ng Ivan Hua-Bak IH   Clement Marie-Veronique MV   Pervaiz Shazib S   Ang Beng Ti BT   Tang Carol Soo-Leng CS  

Antioxidants & redox signaling 20130412 18

AIMS: We explore the role of an elevated O2(-):H2O2 ratio as a prosurvival signal in glioma-propagating cells (GPCs). We hypothesize that depleting this ratio sensitizes GPCs to apoptotic triggers. RESULTS: We observed that an elevated O2(-):H2O2 ratio conferred enhanced resistance in GPCs, and depletion of this ratio by pharmacological and genetic methods sensitized cells to apoptotic triggers. We established the reactive oxygen species (ROS) Index as a quantitative measure of a normalized O2(-  ...[more]

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