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Petrolisthes cinctipes

ABSTRACT: Cardiac transcriptomic shifts during first 24h of thermal acclimation in the porcelain crab, Petrolisthes cinctipes

ORGANISM(S): Petrolisthes cinctipes  



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Changes in extreme cold tolerance, membrane composition and cardiac transcriptome during the first day of thermal acclimation in the porcelain crab Petrolisthes cinctipes.

Ronges Daria D   Walsh Jillian P JP   Sinclair Brent J BJ   Stillman Jonathon H JH  

The Journal of experimental biology 20120601 Pt 11

Intertidal zone organisms can experience transient freezing temperatures during winter low tides, but their extreme cold tolerance mechanisms are not known. Petrolisthes cinctipes is a temperate mid-high intertidal zone crab species that can experience wintertime habitat temperatures below the freezing point of seawater. We examined how cold tolerance changed during the initial phase of thermal acclimation to cold and warm temperatures, as well as the persistence of cold tolerance during long-te  ...[more]

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