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ABSTRACT: Comparison of the expression profiles of 630E JIR8094 strain and a ccpA mutant



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Global transcriptional control by glucose and carbon regulator CcpA in Clostridium difficile.

Antunes Ana A   Camiade Emilie E   Monot Marc M   Courtois Emmanuelle E   Barbut Frédéric F   Sernova Natalia V NV   Rodionov Dmitry A DA   Martin-Verstraete Isabelle I   Dupuy Bruno B  

Nucleic acids research 20120918 21

The catabolite control protein CcpA is a pleiotropic regulator that mediates the global transcriptional response to rapidly catabolizable carbohydrates, like glucose in Gram-positive bacteria. By whole transcriptome analyses, we characterized glucose-dependent and CcpA-dependent gene regulation in Clostridium difficile. About 18% of all C. difficile genes are regulated by glucose, for which 50% depend on CcpA for regulation. The CcpA regulon comprises genes involved in sugar uptake, fermentation  ...[more]

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