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Nicotiana attenuata

ABSTRACT: Characterization of Nicotiana attenuata plants with reduced expression of HSPRO (ir-hspro plants).

ORGANISM(S): Nicotiana attenuata  



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HSPRO controls early Nicotiana attenuata seedling growth during interaction with the fungus Piriformospora indica.

Schuck Stefan S   Camehl Iris I   Gilardoni Paola A PA   Oelmueller Ralf R   Baldwin Ian T IT   Bonaventure Gustavo G  

Plant physiology 20120814 2

In a previous study aimed at identifying regulators of Nicotiana attenuata responses against chewing insects, a 26-nucleotide tag matching the HSPRO (ORTHOLOG OF SUGAR BEET Hs1(pro)(-)(1)) gene was found to be strongly induced after simulated herbivory (Gilardoni et al., 2010). Here we characterized the function of HSPRO during biotic interactions in transgenic N. attenuata plants silenced in its expression (ir-hspro). In wild-type plants, HSPRO expression was not only induced during simulated h  ...[more]

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