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Paramecium tetraurelia

ABSTRACT: Paramecium tetraurelia trichocyst exocytosis recovery

ORGANISM(S): Paramecium tetraurelia  



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Gene expression in a paleopolyploid: a transcriptome resource for the ciliate Paramecium tetraurelia.

Arnaiz Olivier O   Goût Jean-François JF   Bétermier Mireille M   Bouhouche Khaled K   Cohen Jean J   Duret Laurent L   Kapusta Aurélie A   Meyer Eric E   Sperling Linda L  

BMC genomics 20101008

BACKGROUND: The genome of Paramecium tetraurelia, a unicellular model that belongs to the ciliate phylum, has been shaped by at least 3 successive whole genome duplications (WGD). These dramatic events, which have also been documented in plants, animals and fungi, are resolved over evolutionary time by the loss of one duplicate for the majority of genes. Thanks to a low rate of large scale genome rearrangement in Paramecium, an unprecedented large number of gene duplicates of different ages have  ...[more]

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