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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: HDAC7 is a repressor of myeloid genes whose downregulation in pre-B cells is required for transdifferentiation into macrophages

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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HDAC7 is a repressor of myeloid genes whose downregulation is required for transdifferentiation of pre-B cells into macrophages.

Barneda-Zahonero Bruna B   Román-González Lidia L   Collazo Olga O   Rafati Haleh H   Islam Abul B M M K AB   Bussmann Lars H LH   di Tullio Alessandro A   De Andres Luisa L   Graf Thomas T   López-Bigas Núria N   Mahmoudi Tokameh T   Parra Maribel M  

PLoS genetics 20130516 5

B lymphopoiesis is the result of several cell-commitment, lineage-choice, and differentiation processes. Every differentiation step is characterized by the activation of a new, lineage-specific, genetic program and the extinction of the previous one. To date, the central role of specific transcription factors in positively regulating these distinct differentiation processes to acquire a B cell-specific genetic program is well established. However, the existence of specific transcriptional repres  ...[more]

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