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Rubus idaeus

ABSTRACT: Rubus idaeus Map

ORGANISM(S): Rubus idaeus  



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Mapping gene H controlling cane pubescence in raspberry and its association with resistance to cane botrytis and spur blight, rust and cane spot.

Graham J J   Smith K K   Tierney I I   MacKenzie K K   Hackett C A CA  

TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik 20060128 5

Disease resistance is increasing in importance, as consumers require high-quality raspberry fruit at a time when chemical disease control is undesirable. Breeders have limited resources and rarely include a primary screen for each fungal disease. Marker-assisted breeding would facilitate the introduction of resistance into elite germplasm and breeding lines. An additional 20 simple sequence repeats have been added to the existing raspberry linkage map. Gene H, which determines cane pubescence (g  ...[more]

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